In the beginning

 It began in the 1980's as a twinkle in the eye of a very charismatic man, Blair Barber. Barber, was raised on a farm, 5th Side Rd East of Airport Rd. He loved solving problems and broom ball.  He is a great thinker and someone who is always smiling.  At one point in time, Barber owned the Rosemont General Store, and the Rosemont Shell Station. He got his start by adding towing to the station. Big or small, Barber towed them all! Being a true businessman, he kept ahead of all the competition through keeping up with the latest equipment and practices. 


Quality of Service

Rosemont flourished over time, driven by the hard working team Blair Barber hand picked and adding the latest equipment and an ever growing fleet. From a one truck operation, to the empire it is today, Rosemont is known throughout the province for it's honesty & dependability. 


The Next Generation


In 2003, Barber started to scale back.  Preparing for retirement, he sold Rosemont Towing's Heavy Division to Wayne Ward. Even after the sale, Barber continued to help Ward through the transition. In 2016, Rosemont Towing & Float Services Inc. was purchased by Wayne Ward, including the famous 435 - 5228 phone number. This number was the final piece in putting Rosemont together again.

Wayne Ward, started his towing career at Rosemont in the early 90's. Many of you may recognize him, as he has always worked closely with Rosemont Towing and Barber, often helping out when Rosemont needed a hand or a lot of muscle. Ward, has many ties in the community, including volunteering for the Rosemont Fire Department.  Ward holds many certifications.  He is a 6/7 ABDLR Wreckmaster, TRAA III, CPR Rescuer Level 3 and 310T Truck and Coach Mechanic.